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How to join the BMO

The Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra always welcomes new members.  If you play the mandolin (beginner or better) -- or even if you don't but are interested in learning -- we encourage you to inquire about joining the BMO.  You're guaranteed to get a great deal of pleasure from playing in a community group liked ours.  The only requirement is that you be able to read music. 

Unlike some mandolin orchestras, we do not charge dues.  There are no fees to join and no dues to be a member.  You're welcome to come and observe our rehearsals.

The best place to start is to contact Chuck Levin at [email protected] or

Our music is divided into six parts:  first mandolin (which primarily carries the melody), second mandolin, mandola (treble clef), mandocello (bass clef), mandobass (also bass clef), and guitar.

We have a music library numbering about 1,700 compositions that have been collected since the orchestra's founding.  In addition, we use the internet as a resource to access huge repositories of mandolin music.